Private Repo FAQ

Q: Why are there two of every imported song?
A: Settings -> Music -> Show All Music: OFF

Q: I paid for access X hours ago still cannot find any downloads available for the private repo URL why?
A: Did you follow the directions found in the email sent to your PayPal account email address?

Q: What email?
A: When you purchase access to the private repo, an email is sent to the PayPal email address on file. Check your spam folder. It has been known to go there. The from address is: xsemaphorex (at) gmail _dot_ com.

Q: I checked my spam folder and don’t see any emails with instructions. What now?
A: Send me an email with the address you wish to use on your account. Include the PayPal transaction ID and the email address on PayPal in the email. I will manually change it. It may take 24 – 48 hours depending on how busy I am in real life.

Q: I paid for access X hours ago, followed the directions in the email, and still don’t have access to any of your tweak(s)!
A: Did you read the part in the instructions about how the build process is manual?

Q: Yes but I chose to ignore it. Why are there no downloads available?
A: The build process is semi-manual at the moment. I’ve automated some of it, but some parts are manual. As such, I may not get to your build for up to 24 hours. I’m sorry. If that doesn’t work for you, request a refund. But, keep in mind, once I give a refund, I typically do not allow that same person to purchase access again. I will simply auto refund that person whenever they purchase access.

Q: Why do you do that?
A: I don’t like drama. You wait or you leave – just like everyone else.

Q: When will you add A, B, or C tweaks to your private repo?
A: When I get around to it. This is not my full time job. This is a hobby. I don’t publicize my private repo so it really barely brings in enough to cover the cost of running VPS month to month.

Q: What? You charge $15 for access to your repo! That’s a lot of money!
A: To be honest, it isn’t. You are paying a one-time fee for an indefinite number of updates to code I’ve spent hundreds of hours working on. You aren’t paying any maintenance fees. I’m very lenient with my licensing (you can share with your friends – just not publicly). Given the amount of work I put into this and how much work is involved from update to update, this is a tiny amount.

Q: Why don’t you just sell your tweak the normal way: via Cydia?
A: The short answer is, I don’t want to. I wanted to be in complete control of purchasing and distribution of my tweaks. Cydia is far too liberal with it’s licensing. I wanted more control over who and when someone can get access to my tweaks. None of the other repos offer nearly as much granularity. That, and there is the questionable nature of my tweaks. One in particular was too ‘hot potato’ for any of the ‘big repos’ to accept. So I wrote my own repo. The security and licensing and distribution is all controlled by me.

Q: I’m stuck at ‘importing’ forever! Nothing is importing, how do I fix this!?
A: This is a very common Gremlin framework failure. I’m working on a fix for this but in the meantime, all you can do is either 1. Reboot your device. or 2. SSH into your device and issue the following commands as root:

/bin/launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/co.cocoanuts.gremlin.plist
/bin/launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/co.cocoanuts.gremlin.plist

Q: What will that do?
A: It unloads and loads gremlin because gremlin needs to be fixed but the developer is completely AWOL. I’ve fixed what I can for now and plan on replacing gremlin completely in the future. But until then, the above fix is all we have.

Q: How do I increase the number of maximum devices on my account?
A: For every $5 you donate after your initial purchase, you will get 5 more maximum devices.

Q: What happens if I share my copy of one of your tweaks with the public via some forum or file sharing site?
A: I’m pretty laid-back. I am cool with you sharing my tweaks with your immediate friends. I do. What I do not want is my tweaks made publicly available to everyone. These are meant to be for a private group of my friends. That is all. I don’t want them made public. If/when I find a copy of my tweaks in the wild, I will be able to detect with 100% accuracy who it was that the tweak was created for. That member will be banned and will never be able to get another update from me. Their account will be marked as banned in my system. If they attempt to repurchase access, I will refund them without creating a build for them. The ban is total and complete. They are exiled. I really don’t like the idea of doing that to someone but I’m not kidding. I don’t want my tweaks made public.

Q: Don’t you realize that someone can just remove your fingerprinting in the tweaks?
A: Sure they could. But they won’t get all of them. That is the wonderful thing about fingerprinting. I find it useless to try adding licensing or other crippling code to tweaks. Those can be removed pretty much completely. Fingerprinting, however, is so much more difficult.

Q: What makes fingerprinting difficult to remove? I mean someone can just remove them and you won’t know who leaked the file right?
A: Sure. But, how do they know if they got every single fingerprint? See, removing crippling is fairly easy. You keep at it until you’ve blocked/removed all of the cripples. With fingerprinting, all I need is for someone to miss a single fingerprint. And believe me, they will miss more than one. My fingerprinting is exhaustive.

Q: Isn’t one of your tweaks nothing but piracy?
A: I don’t personally think so. I grew up listening to tapes and waiting by the radio and recording my favorite songs when they finally played on the radio. This tweak in question is the same idea at heart.