Server migration… such a headache…

I’ve migrated off DigitalOcean. It was something I’ve been meaning to do for about 5000 bucks 4 years now. This particular activity was brought on by a moment of brain-fartery: do-release-upgrade

I wasn’t paying attention and was basically on auto-pilot updating and doing maintenance to the blog (which sorely needs it still). Lo and behold, before I knew it, my host was now on ubuntu 18.04 =| This was no bueno because some of the plugins and libraries the blog is using are not compatible with that release. So. The DB took a nose-dive. The site died and I was forced to migrate on-the-fly.

Out of curiosity, is there any interest in me releasing my OLD source for tinyumbrella onto bitbucket/github? I’d have to clean up the codebase of some dangling private stuff but for the most part the core would be there.

Just curious. Hit me up. (And thank you so much – those of you that still hit me up and support me by visiting my ‘sponsors’. I would never ask you to click the advertisements but for those of you that do, you are awesome.)