TinyUmbrella BETA Bundled JRE versions available

I’ve uploaded bundled JRE versions for those of you that do not or can not install java (for whatever reason) on your machine. These files are much larger than my other downloads. This is because the Java runtime is included with TinyUmbrella. This allows you to run TinyUmbrella without the hassle of installing java on your machine.

You’ll notice a bunch of new links on the right. There are two notable categories. First *SHARECASH*. This is a pay per download scheme. I only included this as an option for those of you feeling generous and wanting to support me :)

The other option is the free and reliable *MEGA*. This is mega.co.nz. No frills. No kickbacks. Nada. EDIT: Ok so now the mega.co.nz links have adfly. I decided it’s a fair enough trade-off :) And I got rid of sharecash. It was horrible.