OSX in a VM – Scrolling in VMWare Workstation

If you’re like me, you probably use OSX on a daily basis. I am relatively new to the OSX world; I’ve only been an “apple fan” since 2008/2009. I enjoy the font rendering and the native terminal more than anything else. The rest of the user interface is only meh. I love me some *nix even if it is somewhat watered-down.

Recently, my macbook pro 17″ seems to have given up the ghost. Fortunately, I had already purchased (and migrated) my entire mac to my alienware laptop. Yes. I know many of you are shaking your heads thinking to yourselves “why o why?”. I like the size of the screen. 18.4″ is fantastic. I don’t use this machine to answer emails while sipping feminine latte’s at a coffee shop. This is a desktop replacement machine. I wanted a machine with enough power to do some of the things I do. I will say that I did not go for the 780M gtx SLI. I only got the 770M – but its perfectly fine for my use. I don’t use this as a gaming rig. Ok. That said…

I do run VMWare workstation 10. I have OSX 10.9.5 running in a 16GB SSD-backed VM. Thus far there are only two nagging issues that I had never fixed: 1. Scrolling and 2. iMessage/Facetime. iMessage/Facetime was fixed with Clover bootloader + actual values/serial numbers from my dead macbook pro. Scrolling I think I found a work-around.

Part of my problem is that OSX is not supported on VMWare Workstation (duh – everyone knows). With that comes the inevitable incompatibilities that one will find with unsupported hacks. Scrolling is one of those casualties. I cannot get my VM to detect any form of WheelUp or WheelDown events to save my life. So I had to simulate them. I do it with the middle scroll button when I have a mouse connected and with the left control key + touchpad when I don’t have it connected. This with ControllerMate gives me the pseudo scrolling I’ve been lacking in an OSX VM on Windows.

I’ve hacked together a ControllerMate page that you can import and modify if you own a copy of Controllermate. Find the link to the right: OSX VM Scrolling Hack (ControllerMate) Just import it into ControllerMate in your VM and when enabled, pressing the left command key and using the mouse (up and down) will scroll with inertia.

It isn’t perfect but it’s better than no scrolling.